Poem: Another God

Another God by Shannon Laws I cannot sleep next to you The porch light on the other side of the curtains tricks me awake You look frozen on a canvas, painted in oils by a master, shadows lightly brush your shape I study the back of your head your ear lobe a quiet beating veinContinue reading “Poem: Another God”

Poem: Cut Out

Cut Out A woman travels far to find out who she is Today I am paper cut into a snowflake pasted on a dark blue page Rain scratches through a nearby grove It is you, crossing the room to grab your keys Cold air makes my nose run Words make my eyes water Shivers shakeContinue reading “Poem: Cut Out”

Amazon Kindle: Madrona Grove

Hello readers! Bongo roll please— Glad to announce that my first book of poems Madrona Grove: Poems Written Under the Canopy is now available in print or Kindle on Amazon! Click the title or the photo to get to the page in a snap   It took a few days to get it properly formatted,Continue reading “Amazon Kindle: Madrona Grove”