Amazon Kindle: Madrona Grove

Hello readers! Bongo roll please— Glad to announce that my first book of poems Madrona Grove: Poems Written Under the Canopy is now available in print or Kindle on Amazon! Click the title or the photo to get to the page in a snap   It took a few days to get it properly formatted,Continue reading “Amazon Kindle: Madrona Grove”

Poem: Island Winter

Fall is over Frost is setting in Clear sky or cloudy Ice will be found in the morning Alone Quiet No birds No visitors The ocean is colder The beach is empty A gull stands watch On a beach wood wall Solitude Peace Breath seen Waves heard …it is winter South Beach, San Juan Island,Continue reading “Poem: Island Winter”

Poetry Book: Madrona Grove

After months of editing and nine test copies the book is out!  The dedication reads: To my children who always have a smile, to my writer friends who always have a good word, to the crows who know me and say hello when I walk their wood, to the beams of sunshine that kiss meContinue reading “Poetry Book: Madrona Grove”

Book: Two Poems Pub Here!

Through the Eyes of Islanders The Beauty of the San Juan Islands By The San Juan Islands Photographic Journal Second Edition It is an honor to have my poetry amongst the work of so many wonderful island photographers.  -S.P. Laws “This beautiful eBook is filled with images by San Juan Islanders. Curated by famed NationalContinue reading “Book: Two Poems Pub Here!”

Poetry: South Beach

South Beach Eagle King Often, we would walk South Beach together That long large-pebbled beach along the Salish Sea on the island’s west side Short salt water waves lap up against the shore there, constant rhythm set by the wind, like a slow rock tumbler sifting for agates Brown cliffs of San Juan  barely holdContinue reading “Poetry: South Beach”