Vignette: Mimi’s Closet

  Mimi’s Closet by Shannon P. Laws   The door at the end of the long hall stands open The third bathroom is in there Sent to the room by my mother’s voice busy behind the door of the second common bathroom, the guest bathroom Go use Mimi’s I obey The faint gold light fromContinue reading “Vignette: Mimi’s Closet”

Poem: Covered

  Covered by Shannon Laws   I am the grass. Let me work writes Sandburg   Grass fixes a battlefield with memory loss Pile up your second-hand mistakes bodies of unfinished work blood of sacrificed Saturday nights onto this field and wait— two years, ten Time heals but grass covers all.

My First Villanelle: Towards Harris

But first a note from my desk…   This villanelle came to me during my first week at a new job on a cold, dark, foggy February morning.  With steel toe boots on and a budgeted $7 for travel and lunch in my jean pocket, I search for the bus stop on Harris to catch theContinue reading “My First Villanelle: Towards Harris”

Poem: Nightly Spirit

    Tickle my ear at three in the morning Brush the bottom of my foot with mist   See the dreams I carry that do not rhyme Remember the fallen that rest in the corner of the eye A phase-shift out of reach, stuck in the web of mind   Take the tack offContinue reading “Poem: Nightly Spirit”

Maggie the Ghost

Have you ever worked with a ghost? One summer, I worked on a Washington island as a housekeeper at a large inn that is playfully haunted by “Maggie”.  My encounters with the ghost were so gentle, she is an inspiration for my book scheduled to be released 2015. The Inn wasn’t very old.  You’d expect aContinue reading “Maggie the Ghost”


As a writer I am often overtaken by my characters.  Trying to imagine what a new character is thinking, how they would walk, talk, what kind of clothes they wear and what they’ll do next is in the job description.  Yet sometimes I’ll have an encounter SO real that it seems more like entertaining aContinue reading “Forgiveness”

Poetry: Ghost in the Hall

When I was a child A Skeleton Ghost would walk The bedroom hall of our home Afraid of the dark I would sleep with the light on My door open just enough to keep out the trouble That lurks in the imagination of a ten year old, Usually, hiding under the bed or in closetsContinue reading “Poetry: Ghost in the Hall”

The Coffee Ghost

Thinking of my dad today; this little story from 2010: The Dreamlake in the morning shone like polished glass. Looking around, the sun was peeking through the trees, shooting rays of light through the ground fog. Above, the clouds were changing colors like a slow moving kaleidoscope. Taking a deep breath of that full fresh mountainContinue reading “The Coffee Ghost”