Poem: The 27th Day

The 27th DayMost of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.-T.S. Eliot Getting out of my car today I noticed a bee.A large and fuzzy bumblebee slowly moving its legson the parking lot blacktop of my apartment building. I saw a video once where a person found a honey beeContinue reading “Poem: The 27th Day”

Thank You Red Wheelbarrow

So many songs begging Ruth Bader Ginsburg to “hang on” until there is another democrat in the white house.  This one caught my attention.  SNL 2019.  Thank you Red Wheelbarrow writers for accepting my poem, “Day 53”, for publication in This Uncommon Solitude your upcoming anthology of pandemic poetry. “We are honored to showcase andContinue reading “Thank You Red Wheelbarrow”

Day 53: Thinking to Much

Shower Thoughts: If you were invisible, you’d be effectively blind since light would pass through your retina rather than striking it. This morning I am writing from my bed-desk. I’m thinking about the parts of me that need a shower and weighing that against the effort to leave my warm bed.  The bedroom window isContinue reading “Day 53: Thinking to Much”

Day 38: Raw Poetry

Northwest Washington is experiencing some rain this week.  Most of us are well equipped for walking in the rain, but if you can find a sunshine break to get in a mile or more of a walk it is perfect! The monthly poetry discussion group I’ve been apart of since October 2015 is meeting onContinue reading “Day 38: Raw Poetry”

Day 20: High Expectations

Happy to report, a voice inside my head has been quieted.  It wanted me to achieve an unreasonable amount of success during the lockdown.  It told me how easy it was to work from home, finish my short stories, loose weight, eat better, get more exercise, clean every inch of my apartment and grow spirituallyContinue reading “Day 20: High Expectations”

Poem: Tuesday

Happy is the heart That thinks on love Measuring the value of emotion Feeling the presence of its girth Your worth to me is more than flesh. Consideration, admiration of the thrusting in this world Carefully selected conversations meant to keep me a gentle-lady If you come through the door And bring an offering ItContinue reading “Poem: Tuesday”

Poem: Girl Chases Hat

Late night keys dangle in the wind clouds move along the sky river wind swirls low to pick up anything not tied down, not held down   There goes her hat!   The thing that will keep her warm tonight stomped by feet of shoppers, rejected as trash her hat, made for one head. Rain wetsContinue reading “Poem: Girl Chases Hat”

Poem: Graduation

Graduation The average person gets 432 haircuts in their lifetime For you I wonder- too many, or not enough Regardless, you will not like most of them Every seven years your skin is completely renewed From scalp to toes, a new birthday suit is knitted You will use at least 150 toothbrushes from baby teethContinue reading “Poem: Graduation”

Poetry: Whispers

My ears itched the other day voices caught up with me traveling the speed of wind words skip across  time like stones sidarmed into ripples a beach full of onlookers feet crunch atop the pebbles casting a stone planting a seed growing a flower pulling a weed karma may be as gardens tended by theContinue reading “Poetry: Whispers”

Poetry: Moon Dial

MOON DIAL The moon speaks to me through my window slit, curtain and blinds open just enough for fresh air to relieve me in the night      The moon speaks to me announcing it is 3 o’clock      it chatters away for 20 minutes about plans, loves, problems, recipes      Please beContinue reading “Poetry: Moon Dial”