Event: Poetry Reading

You are invited~   Everett Poetry Night at Café Zippy 6/25/2015, 7:00-10:00 p.m. 2811 Wetmore Ave, Everett, WA This event kicks off my summer tour.  (More dates to follow) If you’re in the area please consider stopping by for some words and really good soup at the hosting cafe.  Thank you emcee Duane Kirby Jensen.  

Christmas Card 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  from the  SPLaws staff Shannon, Brad, Vin, Chris, and Robert 2013 SPLaws Staff Christmas Video Card L-R: Chris Pine, Brad Pitt, Shannon Laws, Robert Downey Jr, Vin Diesel Here, at the SPLaws offices, we had a slight change of staff since 2012. Abe retired and Tom, who has beenContinue reading “Christmas Card 2013”

Poetry: Evening Walk

EVENING WALK In an evening walk I’ll calculate my next move Coordinate my conversations Consider the risks Conceive inspiration An evening walk will Tidy my head Warm my heart Make my nose run Red scarf flies like a flag Of freedom and life Wrapped around me Coiled across my mouth That’s speaking only fog UnderContinue reading “Poetry: Evening Walk”

Poetry: Leaf Tattoo

LEAF TATTOO Can you feel it In my city The changing air as wind folds in   fall’s cool weather. Orange leaves land on the sidewalks of Holly Street. No worms to dance them back to soil. Cement laden, laid upon  the roadside in random patterns leave a tattoo, imprint to the stone. Five pointed star,Continue reading “Poetry: Leaf Tattoo”

Poetry: River Ink

    River Ink Went to the river looking for a poem I found my familiar trail Winding woods that hug the bank Whatcom Creek in August Bushes high and Full of berries, Birds and spider’s webs. Grass sways underwater Moving in sync with the river This what peace looks like, Melted into movement TreeContinue reading “Poetry: River Ink”

Poetry: Table Lamp

Table LampLamp with beadsaround the edge,decorations designed to reflect light,accent the bulbs efforts.heavy brass basekeeps the stand from falling.  fabric leaks out just enoughrays to comfort the room.warm glow bounces off your cheek as we talk.  steam from a tea cup mists thevision.     This is a gentle memory

Poetry: Apple Tree Orphan

“And when he was tired, he would sleep in her shade.  And the boy loved the tree… and the tree was happy.”  –The Giving Tree by Shel Shilverstein Apple Tree Orphan Among the green majestic towers Beneath the canopy looking for sun A young tree grows Discarded by its owner Thrown from the pot ConsideredContinue reading “Poetry: Apple Tree Orphan”

Poetry: Green

Green Oh, to be the type of green that stays green through the frost, when the ground is white and branches are heavy with Winter’s weight Brown, red, orange, the colors of fall most greens do fade retracting in the cold air Freezing, or the warm summers sun to be green in all seasons, freshContinue reading “Poetry: Green”

Book: Two Poems Pub Here!

Through the Eyes of Islanders The Beauty of the San Juan Islands By The San Juan Islands Photographic Journal Second Edition It is an honor to have my poetry amongst the work of so many wonderful island photographers.  -S.P. Laws “This beautiful eBook is filled with images by San Juan Islanders. Curated by famed NationalContinue reading “Book: Two Poems Pub Here!”