Poem: Another God

Another God by Shannon Laws I cannot sleep next to you The porch light on the other side of the curtains tricks me awake You look frozen on a canvas, painted in oils by a master, shadows lightly brush your shape I study the back of your head your ear lobe a quiet beating veinContinue reading “Poem: Another God”

Poem: Lights Tonight

Lights Tonight The lights this evening are not denied their time farther away from Harris Avenue the brighter they become Lemon juice irritates the cut on my thumb Ghost-hitchhiker talks to my temple How do you find harmony, find a hole and fill it   He beat the Lilith out of her Eve that nightContinue reading “Poem: Lights Tonight”

Poetry: Sailing

Letting goto me meansRELAXINGDo not stressprocrastinateprolongignoreLet go of the titheruntie the boatsail for open waterface temptationsfears of drowningfalse beliefsthat await mein the wavesSwells willrock mestars willguide mebreeze willcool meOnce the smellof earth is gonea seagullwill appearmarking the momentmy limits arediscovered *A poem written during a poetry class March 2013

Star Berries

Oscar Wilde said, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”  The day before New Year’s 2013 my eyes are everywhere but the stars.  I feel like I’m in the gutter.  I am one of an estimated two million in the U.S. whose emergency unemployment benefits ended DecemberContinue reading “Star Berries”

Poetry Warm Up

Last Saturday I attended a class taught by Wendy Call “Self-Editors Toolkit: Improve Your Own Prose” at the Chuckanut Writers Conference.  During the class she had us do a fun poetry practice game or warm up.  Thought I would share it with you here.  I enjoyed doing this, perhaps you will also.  I find thatContinue reading “Poetry Warm Up”