March Corridor

The March edition of Corridor is out and about. Please keep your eyes out for it around town. It’s a little 5×7 10-page zine, sitting there, wanting to wish you a good day. One more zine to go and the project will end. Poetry Month 2022 to Poetry Month 2023. “Moss” is a sample ofContinue reading “March Corridor”

Corridor for December

The magical December volume of the poetry zine Corridor will be out next weekend. On the cover is a picture aligned with the old saying “visualize world peace”. Found art is hope incarnated. It hopes that whoever finds it will be slightly better, their vector adjusted perhaps by one degree towards “Better.” Whatever “better” isContinue reading “Corridor for December”

Au jus

However, the backdrop for this poem is not what most marble is used for, a god in crisis or an ancient emperor. Instead it is a four hour visit with my mom at her cabin, watching her cook a simple roast beef lunch. Ordinary and extraordinary all at the same time. Love does that.

The Showbear Family Circus

Thank you The Showbear Family Circus ( ) Lancelot Schaubert’s and Tara Schaubert’s liberal arts circus, for including my poems, Crab, Grandmas Closet, and The Bog in your November 2, 2020 edition. Your website stimulates the senses. Selected articles, short stories, poems, words jump off the page! I love this philosophy you have… WeContinue reading “The Showbear Family Circus”

Day 65: One Hundred Million Suns

“What the wise do in the beginning, fools do in the end.”  Warren Buffett Guessing by the news last week, Whatcom County will be asked to shelter in place another month.  I didn’t think we had it that bad.  Of the 1055 deaths in our state, Whatcom has experienced only 36.  Today the total deathContinue reading “Day 65: One Hundred Million Suns”

Day 38: Raw Poetry

Northwest Washington is experiencing some rain this week.  Most of us are well equipped for walking in the rain, but if you can find a sunshine break to get in a mile or more of a walk it is perfect! The monthly poetry discussion group I’ve been apart of since October 2015 is meeting onContinue reading “Day 38: Raw Poetry”

Day 17: New Normal

Yesterday I did not journal. After early coffee and breakfast, I hit the ground running with work, both at home, zooming, and on sites, and went grocery shopping.  When the day ended I watched some “Outlander” and went to bed early. Out And About Must admit, it was nice to get out and drive aroundContinue reading “Day 17: New Normal”

Poem: Unfinished Basement

Unfinished Basement By Shannon Laws Figure out how I fit in your world as I discover the shape of your heart push me into your foreign form as the chalk line between us dulls  Memory foam bed faces north in your cold unfinished basement headboard is bare drywall with taped-over nails primer and mud aContinue reading “Poem: Unfinished Basement”


Ep 7 – May 2019 -Shannon Laws sits down with me to share her latest venture, an album of her Poetry/music titled “You Love Me, You Love Me Not”. This collection is a satire and embellishment of very real relationships, explores the adult dating experience, it carries the listener through a muddy mess of emotions,Continue reading “KPNW-DB RADIO Interview”

Poem: Words Work

  Words Work by Shannon P. Laws   Consume whole sentences into your being by writers who never flew, can’t be true Hide in ignorance, uneducated writers that mass of writers Eat those words Dotted on the page set for the digestive tract turned for blood I wallow in my own mind this clay ofContinue reading “Poem: Words Work”