Rant: Judged Conversation Overheard on the Bus in August

  Judged Conversation Overheard on the Bus in August by Shannon P. Laws   The sidewalk on Magnolia sticks to my shoes Maple Tree sap bleeds from the high branches It’s not enough to stop me I have a bus to catch It’s early morning-cold. Crisp air flies in from open slit of bus windowsContinue reading “Rant: Judged Conversation Overheard on the Bus in August”

Poem: Just Dawn

  Just Dawn My window blinds squint out a slit of light. No one can tell the view from here but me.   I see the June cherry tree out there, on the other side holding bouncing chickadees that peck at branch aphids. I hear the roof-spine morning seagulls barking orders —when pushed off swiftly byContinue reading “Poem: Just Dawn”


  Once   This morning I woke up angry.  Or perhaps just pissed at everything in general, which, as I write this, realize its pretty much the same as being angry, but feels better to type “pissed”.  It was my second wake up.  I had a wake up at 1 a.m.  I tried to goContinue reading “Once”

Amazon Kindle: Madrona Grove

Hello readers! Bongo roll please— Glad to announce that my first book of poems Madrona Grove: Poems Written Under the Canopy is now available in print or Kindle on Amazon! Click the title or the photo to get to the page in a snap   It took a few days to get it properly formatted,Continue reading “Amazon Kindle: Madrona Grove”