Poem: Why I Can’t Have Good Things

Why I Can’t Have Good Things By Shannon P. Laws I overwatered my plant yesterday The liquid flooded over my fail proof double-layered system a concave plastic trivet atop a faded Christmas cookie plate adopted decades ago at a bake sale from a forgotten charity It was hot all this week and the dirt gaveContinue reading “Poem: Why I Can’t Have Good Things”

Poem: Another God

Another God by Shannon Laws I cannot sleep next to you The porch light on the other side of the curtains tricks me awake You look frozen on a canvas, painted in oils by a master, shadows lightly brush your shape I study the back of your head your ear lobe a quiet beating veinContinue reading “Poem: Another God”

Poem: Tongue in Ink

The best poems are not written in ink but by the tongue Spoken into the air never finding paper Touched by the mist of breath against your neck Said in the dark rooms where lovers meet Not at all recorded nor syllables numbered But art form just the same Once activated and released the wordsContinue reading “Poem: Tongue in Ink”

Poem: No New Day

The days return  familiar moments eyelashes point at paper no words can dance on flower faces open look inside the window fingers weave the story of us a braided rug used to  cover the blemish On my shoulder you perch squawk as a chore,  as a word to cross off Your kiss is a temporaryContinue reading “Poem: No New Day”