South Beach

This poem “South Beach” was written back in 2010 and later published in my first poetry chapbook “Madrona Grove” in 2013. It is what some would call a “process poem” where the writer uses the art of poetry to process a real event in their life. Of all the poems in the book THIS isContinue reading “South Beach”

Day 350: Absorption

A shift that has started in my writing is absorption. For the previous decade, poems came to me, loudly, processing through my mind and body and shooting out my fingertips to the page. I appreciated the clarity of the thought. What’s happening now is I hear the poem and just friggin’ savor it.

Event: Poetry Reading

You are invited~   Everett Poetry Night at Café Zippy 6/25/2015, 7:00-10:00 p.m. 2811 Wetmore Ave, Everett, WA This event kicks off my summer tour.  (More dates to follow) If you’re in the area please consider stopping by for some words and really good soup at the hosting cafe.  Thank you emcee Duane Kirby Jensen.  

Amazon Kindle: Madrona Grove

Hello readers! Bongo roll please— Glad to announce that my first book of poems Madrona Grove: Poems Written Under the Canopy is now available in print or Kindle on Amazon! Click the title or the photo to get to the page in a snap   It took a few days to get it properly formatted,Continue reading “Amazon Kindle: Madrona Grove”

Event: Mayor’s Arts Award/Speech

Tonight at 5:30 Here’s my thank you speech:      I am filled with joy and encouragement over this award.  It is a humbling experience to be listed with the other artist from the past years and those receiving it today.  Many of whom are on my list of people I want to be someday.Continue reading “Event: Mayor’s Arts Award/Speech”

Event: Poetry Reading

Join local poetsHeather Curtis, Shannon Lawsand Jennifer Bullisfor a poetry reading celebratingNational Poetry Month. April 5, 2014, 7:00 pm Village Books  1200 11th St Bellingham, Washington Come on down to celebrate National Poetry Month  and the release of Heather’s new poetry book, “Upon Waking”. “Upon Waking has been inspired by the exploration of landscapes: bothContinue reading “Event: Poetry Reading”

Artist Profile/B’ham Herald

Artist Profile Interview from June 2013


Shannon Laws, photo credit Cheryl Ford, 2013

Shannon P. Laws was born in Seattle and raised in Federal Way, where, she says, “as a teenager I learned that when a guy from Auburn asks you out on a date, he will most likely pick you up in a stolen car.”

Almost 8

Morning offering of beer bottles gather on the last  step laid over, laid up, slept past last call My coffee in too small a cup sits  with me at a table that limps Construction worker walks from sandwich shop to truck,  early enough for the dirty professions, still too  early for the clean, those bleached-sterile Continue reading “Almost 8”