Day 47: Plague and Pestilence

Shower Thoughts: Vehicles today can surf the web, link to your phone, stream music and videos, etc.. but they still can’t perform a simple database lookup to tell you what the check engine light is on for. Good morning.  How ya’ doing today?  Are you up with the birds like me? If so imagine theContinue reading “Day 47: Plague and Pestilence”

Poem: Four Minus Three

      Four Minus Three By Shannon P. Laws   The sanctuary of four tulips in a heavy glass jar atop the round dining table bathe in afternoon sun Church is found in the smallest folded places Between petals Between panes A god does not determine who lives or dies It is the scienceContinue reading “Poem: Four Minus Three”

Poem: Arroyo Creek

Arroyo Creek by Shannon P. Laws   The death berries are still The holly berries are hidden The blackberries I grab by the handful Bunches unprotected by spiders not yet eaten by robins Deeper I travel into this old growth grove Lay my body down at these roots of Lady Cedar, she accepts it ForestContinue reading “Poem: Arroyo Creek”

Poem: Broken Branch

  Broken Branch by Shannon P. Laws   There is a moment in most lives when that old dog proves useless the rhododendron branch cannot hold the weight and we fall The first fall in many years When was the last time I fell A gopher hole in the grassy field A twisted root atContinue reading “Poem: Broken Branch”

Poem: The Field

The Field Bushes of death-berries near the bus stop begged me to take their picture last week. Branches whip their winter fruit, heavy at the end, as proud as a child holding summer’s vanilla cone. Proud they are plump, ready for the eating, stiff sticks shake nervous in the morning fog— Remember us, this field of us!Continue reading “Poem: The Field”

Poem: Anything Else

  Anything Else -Shannon P. Laws   It flakes off my shoulder when I bend down Black trails my movement Dark spots in the corner of my eye let me know it’s still there A reminder of the charcoal thread that ties me to my past whisps of whispers from that one night long agoContinue reading “Poem: Anything Else”

Poem: Deaths Dip

Death’s Dip or Confession of a Mattress FREE mattress. A queen size pillow top took it home, laid it in the frame First night—I rolled into a dip a body shaped dip on the left side   a person taller than me, wider than me created a dip that I roll into a bedridden, sickly person left a death dip   NoContinue reading “Poem: Deaths Dip”

Poem: Tempest

Miranda, the Tempest, 1916by John William Waterhouse This morning the sky changed. Wind from a different direction cast surprise upon and stirred up curiosity Trees above sway to the song of Fall, make for a lovely dance to sing to Below, wind combs threw underbrush, grabs the recently fallen, blows them into whirlwinds Northern Gale, breatheContinue reading “Poem: Tempest”

Star Berries

Oscar Wilde said, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”  The day before New Year’s 2013 my eyes are everywhere but the stars.  I feel like I’m in the gutter.  I am one of an estimated two million in the U.S. whose emergency unemployment benefits ended DecemberContinue reading “Star Berries”