Poem: Castaway

Rain clouds over Seattle skyline, photo by Christian Bobailla   Castaway by Shannon Laws  I am a yolk inside an egg first light backlit behind mother’s skin Morning glows gently through her Texas accent It’s about to rain in Seattle Clouds dark-gray-pregnant with drops hover over Yesler Way Latin guitars labor heel slaps against slatsContinue reading “Poem: Castaway”

Poem: Another God

Another God by Shannon Laws I cannot sleep next to you The porch light on the other side of the curtains tricks me awake You look frozen on a canvas, painted in oils by a master, shadows lightly brush your shape I study the back of your head your ear lobe a quiet beating veinContinue reading “Poem: Another God”

Poetry: Moon Dial

MOON DIAL The moon speaks to me through my window slit, curtain and blinds open just enough for fresh air to relieve me in the night      The moon speaks to me announcing it is 3 o’clock      it chatters away for 20 minutes about plans, loves, problems, recipes      Please beContinue reading “Poetry: Moon Dial”

Poetry: Table Lamp

Table LampLamp with beadsaround the edge,decorations designed to reflect light,accent the bulbs efforts.heavy brass basekeeps the stand from falling.  fabric leaks out just enoughrays to comfort the room.warm glow bounces off your cheek as we talk.  steam from a tea cup mists thevision.     This is a gentle memory