Happy Valley- a poet walks among you!  She walks down the middle of your streets in search of a coffee house that opens at 7—preferably one that has blueberry scones… Last few weeks my inner dialogue seems to have a Wheeling Virginian cigar hanging out the corner of its mouth, almost as if I amContinue reading “Squawk!”

Christmas Eve Walk

The legs of the pier were standing on the sky.  The bay water thick, and the activity of what plays in it a mystery to my eye.  Clouds and patches of blue, just fainting from the late afternoon, spread over the waves.   Sky dancing on the Sea Various sea fowl floated along, feet paddleContinue reading “Christmas Eve Walk”

Poetry: Evening Walk

EVENING WALK In an evening walk I’ll calculate my next move Coordinate my conversations Consider the risks Conceive inspiration An evening walk will Tidy my head Warm my heart Make my nose run Red scarf flies like a flag Of freedom and life Wrapped around me Coiled across my mouth That’s speaking only fog UnderContinue reading “Poetry: Evening Walk”

Seagulls- 1, Crows- 0

Bellingham is an interesting place to live.  If you do not agree, I recommend an early walk around the neighborhood.  Remnants of our lively nightlife are evident in the early hours.  Left overs like a cigarette butt nest of empty beer bottles near the last step of an apartment building, and used rubbers, hint toContinue reading “Seagulls- 1, Crows- 0”

Star Berries

Oscar Wilde said, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”  The day before New Year’s 2013 my eyes are everywhere but the stars.  I feel like I’m in the gutter.  I am one of an estimated two million in the U.S. whose emergency unemployment benefits ended DecemberContinue reading “Star Berries”

Poetry: September Bellingham

Down the hill my city sits Waves nip at its hair Freeway scratches the belly Mountains hold down its hip Low mist rolled in early, refuses to leave this cove Down into the clouds I walk, floating up into a subdued world Here exhales are marked, Talk can be seen Sun baths buildings in a peach-warmContinue reading “Poetry: September Bellingham”

Worm vs’ Centipede!

I encourage you to take walks.  Whoever you are and wherever you live, you should take walks.  It is one of the few places in life where we are away from our home, office, TV, computer, phone.  Take nothing with you and just walk.  Before there was an iPad, or even electricity humans spent manyContinue reading “Worm vs’ Centipede!”

Poetry: Walking Up Holly

The Maritime Heritage Park Fountain and the Whatcom Museumas seen from W. Holly Street I Sidewalk Desert Walking up Holly Street Life is alive with the living Low tide wakes the senses as mid-day traffic races by Walk uphill towards Bay Street Pass three homeless ones who  wander camel-less like wise kings searching for The StarContinue reading “Poetry: Walking Up Holly”

Fresh Air

Yesterday afternoon, desperate for some fresh air, I slipped on my shoes and traveled half a mile to Whatcom Creek.  Earlier that morning I put some olive oil in my hair for a home moisturizing treatment so I thought I’d find a good place to sit by the creek and sun my hair for a bit, let that oilContinue reading “Fresh Air”

Please Excuse Me…

So, it’s the day after Thanksgiving and my gut is still feeling the hurt. The all day eating binge was uncalled for, unnecessary yet required for the full holiday experience.  If you’re not in a food coma by 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving, you’ve done something wrong!  The next morning I weighed myself.  “SP- WHY did youContinue reading “Please Excuse Me…”