Reviews of SPL Poetry

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Editing with a cup of peppermint

“Shannon Laws is not only a fine poet, but truly a professional in every way. But the best part is – she is a terrific person.
If you are a lover of poetry, you cannot find better than, Madrona Grove by Shannon P. Laws.”

          —Jared McVay, novelist, speaker, screenwriter


Madrona Grove instills a love of nature in all its glory. Grab a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa because once you curl up with this book, you won’t be leaving any time soon.”

          —Cheryl Ford, poet


“I have had the pleasure to work with Shannon and after reading her poetry, it is my firm belief that right here in Bellingham we have someone who will become known for her ability to meld the connections we all have to the earth and emotions we have as we live our lives. Simply put, this little book of poems is a winner.

These poems, “Written under the Canopy” are magic…… they connect us to each other and to the beauty around us. The words are chosen well, but flow from Shannon’s pen with ease.

Shannon gave me a copy of Madrona Grove when first published, and after reading it, I bought three more copies and sent them to my poet friends. As a side note, each responded with interest and asked to be kept abreast of her work.

Thank you Shannon for sharing your words and thoughts with us.”

—Jonathan Winter, Co-Owner SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention, Bellingham


“Shannon’s poems come from deep within. Her observations are refreshing muse for the spirit, and her passion twinkles throughout.”

          —John S. Green, poet


“Shannon P. Laws’ 2012 volume of poems, Madrona Grove, from Chickadee Productions, is a book all poetry lovers should own.  Reading it is like “swimming in sunlight thick with sounds.”  The poems repeatedly connect the physical world around us with the inner world: “I dip a stick into the stream like a pen into ink to write my name.” She follows this with: “The sun grabs my letters … throws them in the air.” You’ll want to leap after her words.”

          -James Bertolino, poetry professor, Ret.


“A down to earth collection of poetry that captures the unique flavor of Pacific Northwest coastal wonders.”

          —Tom Ensign, artist, musician

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