BUK 100 – Thank you

“BUK 100” celebrating my poems acceptance into a 100th birthday London edition of poems dedicated to the art and life of Charles Bukowski. Beautiful limited edition, high quality, small press collector books that you can still order–get your copy today! Contact Newington Blue Press, East London, today!


I’m very excited to have a small collection of my poems published in The Abstract Elephant Magazine this month. It’s such a beautiful magazine with an ideal mission. Please visit it sometime soon. “The Abstract Elephant Magazine is an interdisciplinary, digital publication dedicated to understanding the issues of the human condition through the arts, the sciences,Continue reading “TY TAEM!”

Thank you Cirque Journal

Reviewing my submissions and acceptances for 2020 tonight and holy moly I forgot about a publication in the 20th issue of Cirque Journal! Such a beautiful PNW Rim magazine. CLICK HERE–> Cirque, Vol. 10 No. 2, page 74, Published on Apr 11, 2020A literary journal for the North Pacific Rim Cirque brings together the finestContinue reading “Thank you Cirque Journal”

The Showbear Family Circus

Thank you The Showbear Family Circus ( http://lanceschaubert.org/ ) Lancelot Schaubert’s and Tara Schaubert’s liberal arts circus, for including my poems, Crab, Grandmas Closet, and The Bog in your November 2, 2020 edition. Your website stimulates the senses. Selected articles, short stories, poems, words jump off the page! I love this philosophy you have… WeContinue reading “The Showbear Family Circus”

Thank You Red Wheelbarrow

So many songs begging Ruth Bader Ginsburg to “hang on” until there is another democrat in the white house.  This one caught my attention.  SNL 2019.  Thank you Red Wheelbarrow writers for accepting my poem, “Day 53”, for publication in This Uncommon Solitude your upcoming anthology of pandemic poetry. “We are honored to showcase andContinue reading “Thank You Red Wheelbarrow”

Day 48: Love Thy Neighbor

“Mr. Coal operator call me anything you please, blue, green, or red, I aim to see to it that these Kentucky coal miners will not dig your coal while their little children are crying and dying for milk and bread.” — Aunt Molly Jackson, the ultimate Pistol Packin’ Mama,(1880-1960) This morning I’m thinking about TheContinue reading “Day 48: Love Thy Neighbor”

Sharing Poetry at Kendall Elementary

On March 8th historian and award-winning fiction author, Janet Oakley and I visited Kendall Elementary to share an introduction to poetry and encourage 4th graders to write their own poetry. This project is inspired by the depression era Civilian Conservation Corps statue dedication.  On June 16, 2018, at the Glacier Ranger Station built by CCC workers, the statueContinue reading “Sharing Poetry at Kendall Elementary”