Poem: Cut Out

Cut Out A woman travels far to find out who she is Today I am paper cut into a snowflake pasted on a dark blue page Rain scratches through a nearby grove It is you, crossing the room to grab your keys Cold air makes my nose run Words make my eyes water Shivers shakeContinue reading “Poem: Cut Out”

Poem: Island Winter

Fall is over Frost is setting in Clear sky or cloudy Ice will be found in the morning Alone Quiet No birds No visitors The ocean is colder The beach is empty A gull stands watch On a beach wood wall Solitude Peace Breath seen Waves heard …it is winter South Beach, San Juan Island,Continue reading “Poem: Island Winter”

Poetry: Voices & Words

Long ride homeDark roadThe radio plays softyThe headlights illuminateA road we have traveled many timesBut never with each other Communication?No words, no voiceCommunication?A movementBetween two bodiesIn accord The veil of your spiritBlows across my cheekIt says a thousand words Your strength growsBesides me wrapping meLike a warm blanket The bond of loveThe ties of friendshipInvisibleContinue reading “Poetry: Voices & Words”