Personal Interpretation

Hey, pppssst, how would you like to think about something different for a few moments?  You do? Oh good. Warning: The following post has nothing to do with COVID-19. Do you listen to satellite radio in your car?  I do.  I’m in my car a lot these days and discovering that space is, well, kindaContinue reading “Personal Interpretation”

Day 17: New Normal

Yesterday I did not journal. After early coffee and breakfast, I hit the ground running with work, both at home, zooming, and on sites, and went grocery shopping.  When the day ended I watched some “Outlander” and went to bed early. Out And About Must admit, it was nice to get out and drive aroundContinue reading “Day 17: New Normal”

Event: Honeymoon Open Mic

You’re invited to the event of a lifetime… Tuesday, June 19 at 8:30 PM – 10 PM at the Honeymoon,  1053 N State St, Bellingham WA Encore performance! Poet Shannon Laws hosts a Honeymoon poetry OPEN MIC followed by her “You Love Me, You Love Me Not” beat poetry program accompanied by stand up bassist, Greg Sherman. Shannon’s freshContinue reading “Event: Honeymoon Open Mic”

Writer’s Shout Out

Earlier this month Rena Priest, a poet, writer, producer and community activist, interviewed me for her new radio program “Writer’s Shout Out”. Her one-hour interview program takes a look at the life of a writer and the things that inspire them. This program aired on the non-profit, community station KZAX-LP FM 94.9 last week. It wasContinue reading “Writer’s Shout Out”

Event: 2016 Read-In for Peace

You’re invited~ World Peace Poets’ Fourth Annual Read-In! Write-On!   READ-IN FOR WORLD PEACE World Peace Poets’ Fourth Annual Read-In! Write-On! Saturday, September 24, 2015, Doors Open at 5:00 PM This is a FREE and public event with special musical guests. A light supper will be served at 5:30 along with coffee & tea. ReadersContinue reading “Event: 2016 Read-In for Peace”

Poem / Song: When We Gather

  There’s a revolution flowing through us when we gather it is screaming to be free     There’s a revelation flowing through us when we gather it is screaming to be free -SPL   More information:   #

International Peace Poets

The Bellingham Poets for Peace Read-In! Write-On! Event is pleased to announce the confirmed international speakers: Candice James,Duke Ashrafuzzaman, Bernice Lever, Max Tell Bong Ja Ahn, Lilija Valis, Janet Kvammen, Farina Reinprecht, and Una Brauhns. Referring to this collaboration of Canadian poets and American,Farina said it best, “We are a team” ***

Good Egg

Seattle, 1987 an old stone church somewhere around Capitol Hill: I woke up.  My first job out of high school I worked as a freelance television production field assistant for David, a producer who had, what was called, “an account” with CNN.  David had a working relationship with the network to provide feature stories fromContinue reading “Good Egg”