Spoken Free Verse: The Middle Seat

As I recover from a concussion ( please visit my Go Fund Me to learn more ) I thought this week was a good time to explore the audio files I have accumulated on my phone over the year.  Often inspiration strikes when I am away from a pen and paper and I can’t typeContinue reading “Spoken Free Verse: The Middle Seat”

Poem: Homeless Servant Less Than

  Homeless Servant Less Than I am a dirty demographic. The frog in the hand of a young boy testing his powers I am the lump of feather-bones on a pine needle floor poked at by eight-year-olds with a stick   A mermaid with a black eye A mountain goat with a bad foot AContinue reading “Poem: Homeless Servant Less Than”

Poem: As an Old Man Who Sleeps Standing Up

His eyes close As if he prays Corners of his mouth Move as a young cat Dreams of suckling Does his faith send a Request to his god Or does he dream. A tear falls from the Outside corner Lands on his collar No—it’s sweat, A drop from his hair. Old man is like aContinue reading “Poem: As an Old Man Who Sleeps Standing Up”

Amazon Kindle: Madrona Grove

Hello readers! Bongo roll please— Glad to announce that my first book of poems Madrona Grove: Poems Written Under the Canopy is now available in print or Kindle on Amazon! Click the title or the photo to get to the page in a snap   It took a few days to get it properly formatted,Continue reading “Amazon Kindle: Madrona Grove”

Seagulls- 1, Crows- 0

Bellingham is an interesting place to live.  If you do not agree, I recommend an early walk around the neighborhood.  Remnants of our lively nightlife are evident in the early hours.  Left overs like a cigarette butt nest of empty beer bottles near the last step of an apartment building, and used rubbers, hint toContinue reading “Seagulls- 1, Crows- 0”

This Side of Paradise

Times change, they always do, it is no surprise- but are you ready for it this time?  Since I was 15 I have always been able to find employment.  Between 1990 and 1993, however, thanks to a working husband, I was able to stay home and raised my kids.  In 1993, when I was looking to returnContinue reading “This Side of Paradise”