Writing “The End” on Your Novel

Originally posted on Susan Wingate:
I was once told by a self-proclaimed writing guru that writing the end of a book shouldn’t be an event. That we shouldn’t get all wrapped up in the fact that we finished a book–your first or your fiftieth, that we should simply move on to the next story and…

International Peace Poets

The Bellingham Poets for Peace Read-In! Write-On! Event is pleased to announce the confirmed international speakers: Candice James,Duke Ashrafuzzaman, Bernice Lever, Max Tell Bong Ja Ahn, Lilija Valis, Janet Kvammen, Farina Reinprecht, and Una Brauhns. Referring to this collaboration of Canadian poets and American,Farina said it best, “We are a team” ***

Poetry: Transform

Transformation of person to poet One day something grabs you without touching An idea lingers in your mind, like garlic on the tongue A vision walks all over you placing footprints on your being without leaving a bruise Words become puzzles you have to solve You write, you type, you scratch an equation out hopingContinue reading “Poetry: Transform”

Poetry Warm Up

Last Saturday I attended a class taught by Wendy Call “Self-Editors Toolkit: Improve Your Own Prose” at the Chuckanut Writers Conference.  During the class she had us do a fun poetry practice game or warm up.  Thought I would share it with you here.  I enjoyed doing this, perhaps you will also.  I find thatContinue reading “Poetry Warm Up”

Generous writing; Foie Gras reading

As you know I’ve just started to dive into this great adventure called “become a master author and get published”. My writing has gone under the microscope and I am its worst critic. My spelling is not so good; I’ve read less than 200 books in my lifetime, and my most recent discovered fault: IContinue reading “Generous writing; Foie Gras reading”