Au jus

However, the backdrop for this poem is not what most marble is used for, a god in crisis or an ancient emperor. Instead it is a four hour visit with my mom at her cabin, watching her cook a simple roast beef lunch. Ordinary and extraordinary all at the same time. Love does that.

Poem: Four Minus Three

      Four Minus Three By Shannon P. Laws   The sanctuary of four tulips in a heavy glass jar atop the round dining table bathe in afternoon sun Church is found in the smallest folded places Between petals Between panes A god does not determine who lives or dies It is the scienceContinue reading “Poem: Four Minus Three”

Vignette: Mimi’s Closet

  Mimi’s Closet by Shannon P. Laws   The door at the end of the long hall stands open The third bathroom is in there Sent to the room by my mother’s voice busy behind the door of the second common bathroom, the guest bathroom Go use Mimi’s I obey The faint gold light fromContinue reading “Vignette: Mimi’s Closet”

Poem: Castaway

Rain clouds over Seattle skyline, photo by Christian Bobailla   Castaway by Shannon Laws  I am a yolk inside an egg first light backlit behind mother’s skin Morning glows gently through her Texas accent It’s about to rain in Seattle Clouds dark-gray-pregnant with drops hover over Yesler Way Latin guitars labor heel slaps against slatsContinue reading “Poem: Castaway”

DNA Part Six: The Good and Bad News

Good and Bad News to Report.  First the Good News: I can’t believe it’s been over a year and a half since I have written about my DNA journey.  What a long quiet year 2015 was on the DNA front.  So many months have gone by with no new leads.  It was a tough year andContinue reading “DNA Part Six: The Good and Bad News”

Alcohol Poem Anthology

I am happy to announce my poem “Rancid Blood” was selected by James Bertolino for his new project an Alcohol Poem Anthology.  More details to post later. Stay tuned! My bio reads: Shannon Laws is a World Peace Poet and non-profit radio producer in Bellingham, Washington. Her family has an intense, repetitive history with the disease ofContinue reading “Alcohol Poem Anthology”

Thankfulness Event & Adele

You’re invited   Concert of thankfulness and poetry event Wednesday, November 25 – 7:30 PM St. James Presbyterian, 910 14th St, Bellingham Music presented by the St. James Bell Choir and Chancel Choir. Thanksgiving poetry & memoir provided by local writing community poets and writers: Susan Chase-Foster, Luther Allen, Darrell Hillaire, Janet Oakley, Shannon Laws, andContinue reading “Thankfulness Event & Adele”


Happy Valley- a poet walks among you!  She walks down the middle of your streets in search of a coffee house that opens at 7—preferably one that has blueberry scones… Last few weeks my inner dialogue seems to have a Wheeling Virginian cigar hanging out the corner of its mouth, almost as if I amContinue reading “Squawk!”