Essay: Fresh Water

This semester I took an essay class. The instructor provided us with topics and sources to be sited.  I decided to write about the global water crisis.  This essay normally would be considered too long for a blog post, but the issue has my attention.  Doing research on a topic, exploring it, and developing yourContinue reading “Essay: Fresh Water”

Poetry: The Runaway

The Runaway Water drips in a full bucket placed beneath a gutter leak It sits aside the bottom step to prevent a puddle from forming Low moonlight barely fills the rim as it rides ripples shaped by bent  wood, pushed by the midnight breeze that whistles alone Soft steps walk down finding each board inContinue reading “Poetry: The Runaway”

Song: Suzanne

Songs are poems.  Poems are songs.  This one to me is sung best by Nina Simone. Hylas and the NymphsJohn William Waterhouse, 1896 Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river You can hear the boats go by You can spend the night beside her And you know that she’s half crazy But that’sContinue reading “Song: Suzanne”

Fresh Air

Yesterday afternoon, desperate for some fresh air, I slipped on my shoes and traveled half a mile to Whatcom Creek.  Earlier that morning I put some olive oil in my hair for a home moisturizing treatment so I thought I’d find a good place to sit by the creek and sun my hair for a bit, let that oilContinue reading “Fresh Air”