Day 47: Plague and Pestilence

Shower Thoughts: Vehicles today can surf the web, link to your phone, stream music and videos, etc.. but they still can’t perform a simple database lookup to tell you what the check engine light is on for. Good morning.  How ya’ doing today?  Are you up with the birds like me? If so imagine theContinue reading “Day 47: Plague and Pestilence”

Seagulls- 1, Crows- 0

Bellingham is an interesting place to live.  If you do not agree, I recommend an early walk around the neighborhood.  Remnants of our lively nightlife are evident in the early hours.  Left overs like a cigarette butt nest of empty beer bottles near the last step of an apartment building, and used rubbers, hint toContinue reading “Seagulls- 1, Crows- 0”

Poetry: Midnight Banshees

Midnight Banshees Murder of crows chase a raider owl who clutches a black feathered baby in it’s claws They howl behind the homes racing down back streets Caws want justice while talons extinguish life! The Race of the Midnight Banshees; hunters compete with guardians Foul eating foul The fittest, the quickest will feed- only defeatedContinue reading “Poetry: Midnight Banshees”