Poem: Stout

  Stout by Shannon Laws   The thick boned world stabs at the ocean and moves it Sea lifts its skirt of waves crashes them to Earth’s shore It was enough It was enough to be stabbed to relocate away from the familiar deep lava vents that warmed the current with breath of conversation SeaContinue reading “Poem: Stout”

Poem: Mermaid Rosary

  Mermaid Rosary by Shannon Laws   Our Lady of Wayward Currents finds her home off the highway A curious thing to find a candle flame so deep in the bay One o’clock sun sets it off fanned by the hulls of sailor’s vessels Some call it holy to carry a love for the oceanContinue reading “Poem: Mermaid Rosary”


Walking along the pier, right at the elbow that bends up towards Fairhaven, I notice a shy heron walking deliberately among the pilings.  It’s twin legs and long neck hide the bird as it rests near the jagged grey-brown grain of whole trees, de-barked and weathered.  Only when the heron gracefully kissed the water forContinue reading “Dive”

Christmas Eve Walk

The legs of the pier were standing on the sky.  The bay water thick, and the activity of what plays in it a mystery to my eye.  Clouds and patches of blue, just fainting from the late afternoon, spread over the waves.   Sky dancing on the Sea Various sea fowl floated along, feet paddleContinue reading “Christmas Eve Walk”