Day 230: No Place to Lament

No Place to Lament —August 20, 2020, day 157 of the U.S. Pandemic Yesterday I thought I was going to have a meltdownan honest to goodness meltdownI needed to cryto have a good cry Every so often I need to do this There are times when the weight of my world is feltWhen the lackContinue reading “Day 230: No Place to Lament”

Spoken Free Verse: The Middle Seat

As I recover from a concussion ( please visit my Go Fund Me to learn more ) I thought this week was a good time to explore the audio files I have accumulated on my phone over the year.  Often inspiration strikes when I am away from a pen and paper and I can’t typeContinue reading “Spoken Free Verse: The Middle Seat”

Poem: Transmission

  Transmission by Shannon Laws   Deep transmissions travel into the springs thumbs at the bass wires as you whisper low Pluck those strings beneath us pulled tight I’ll listen with my skin as it vibrates across my back bounces around the bones of me Sing to me all night

Poem: Wallow in Ashes

  Wallow in Ashes -for  Joshua S. Blough, 28, shot/died in Elizabethtown, KY  7/7/2015   Somewhere a family mourns In your town the pleasant fields are quiet fruit of the vine quivers in dew sky covers itself in sackcloth   A neighbor calls for a welfare check You answer with your knife Weapon of passion, ofContinue reading “Poem: Wallow in Ashes”

Fresh Air

Yesterday afternoon, desperate for some fresh air, I slipped on my shoes and traveled half a mile to Whatcom Creek.  Earlier that morning I put some olive oil in my hair for a home moisturizing treatment so I thought I’d find a good place to sit by the creek and sun my hair for a bit, let that oilContinue reading “Fresh Air”