South Beach

This poem “South Beach” was written back in 2010 and later published in my first poetry chapbook “Madrona Grove” in 2013. It is what some would call a “process poem” where the writer uses the art of poetry to process a real event in their life. Of all the poems in the book THIS isContinue reading “South Beach”

Poem: Island Winter

Fall is over Frost is setting in Clear sky or cloudy Ice will be found in the morning Alone Quiet No birds No visitors The ocean is colder The beach is empty A gull stands watch On a beach wood wall Solitude Peace Breath seen Waves heard …it is winter South Beach, San Juan Island,Continue reading “Poem: Island Winter”

Poetry: South Beach

South Beach Eagle King Often, we would walk South Beach together That long large-pebbled beach along the Salish Sea on the island’s west side Short salt water waves lap up against the shore there, constant rhythm set by the wind, like a slow rock tumbler sifting for agates Brown cliffs of San Juan  barely holdContinue reading “Poetry: South Beach”