So I’m on vacation, day 4. I spent the first three days freaking out every 20-30 minutes thinking I had to be somewhere, call someone, or send an e-mail. Today, I think, I am finally chillin’. The beach is all over me and I’m not going to wash it off, because WebMD says “Enjoy it!” Negative Ions

Poem: Island Winter

Fall is over Frost is setting in Clear sky or cloudy Ice will be found in the morning Alone Quiet No birds No visitors The ocean is colder The beach is empty A gull stands watch On a beach wood wall Solitude Peace Breath seen Waves heard …it is winter South Beach, San Juan Island,Continue reading “Poem: Island Winter”

Poetry: Whispers

My ears itched the other day voices caught up with me traveling the speed of wind words skip across  time like stones sidarmed into ripples a beach full of onlookers feet crunch atop the pebbles casting a stone planting a seed growing a flower pulling a weed karma may be as gardens tended by theContinue reading “Poetry: Whispers”

Commuting for "Life"

written: Saturday, November 14, 2009 After a hard day there is nothing like heading out to the beach for some wonderful Beach Therapy. This is free therapy time for anyone; you don’t need to contact your insurance company to see if it’s covered by your plan, ya just go. It was hard to believe whileContinue reading “Commuting for "Life"”

The Sand is Lava!

written: Sunday, November 23, 2008 Was at the beach today with my husband. Washington State beaches are littered with logs. The waves and storms throw the logs up onto shore in a kind of tiddelie-winks sort of mess. As we were jumping logs to get ’round from one beach to another I had a thought.Continue reading “The Sand is Lava!”