My First Villanelle: Towards Harris

But first a note from my desk…   This villanelle came to me during my first week at a new job on a cold, dark, foggy February morning.  With steel toe boots on and a budgeted $7 for travel and lunch in my jean pocket, I search for the bus stop on Harris to catch theContinue reading “My First Villanelle: Towards Harris”

Christmas Letter 2015

  Round and Round 2015 seems like an amplified version of 2014 don’t you think?  Except this year we had the added entertainment of an American Presidential race, promotional “stuff” for another Star Wars movie a la Disney, Kim’s booty and the Pope’s world tour to distract us.  Finally, sick of the violence and injustice,Continue reading “Christmas Letter 2015”

Breakfast at Harris’s

Happy moments.  They show up in the most surprising places, such as a window seat  Harris Avenue Café in Fairhaven.  I’m an inventory taker.  Every so often I take a look at my life and take inventory, see how I’m doing in relationship to my goals.  The last two years have been disappointing on manyContinue reading “Breakfast at Harris’s”


Walking along the pier, right at the elbow that bends up towards Fairhaven, I notice a shy heron walking deliberately among the pilings.  It’s twin legs and long neck hide the bird as it rests near the jagged grey-brown grain of whole trees, de-barked and weathered.  Only when the heron gracefully kissed the water forContinue reading “Dive”

Poem: Rondo

Did I love thee?  I only did desire To hold thy body unto mine, And smite it with strange fire Of kisses burning as a wine, And catch thy odorous hair, and twine It through my fingers amorously. Did I love thee? Did I love thee? I only did desire To drink the perfume ofContinue reading “Poem: Rondo”

Event: Fairhaven Art Block Party

Come one, come all to the first annual  Fairhaven Art Block Party! Spontaneous street poetry provided by the  Chuckanut Sandstone Writers Theater. This festival is designed to spotlight the  wonderful artistic community in the   historic district of Fairhaven. I’ll be one of the street poets, with my book  Madrona Grove in hand. **See youContinue reading “Event: Fairhaven Art Block Party”

Poetry Book: Madrona Grove

After months of editing and nine test copies the book is out!  The dedication reads: To my children who always have a smile, to my writer friends who always have a good word, to the crows who know me and say hello when I walk their wood, to the beams of sunshine that kiss meContinue reading “Poetry Book: Madrona Grove”

"Housekeeper" Wins!

Was just informed this weekend that my poem “Housekeeper”(see below) was chosen along with six other poems in a poetry contest! The contest is sponsored by Bellingham Repertory Dance Company and Chuckanut Sandstone Writers Theater. The seven poems will be interpreted in dance while being read out loud in the popular annual event “Phrasings” AprilContinue reading “"Housekeeper" Wins!”

Poetry: Housekeeper

Housekeeper People of all types Come and go to my hotel The same room will house Many different lives Some stay for less than eight hours Others for days Each time I reset the room Removing the evidence of a life I know them now when they walk in Not by name or by hometownContinue reading “Poetry: Housekeeper”