Poem: The Reading

    The moon rises above an arched gate. he reads poems in front of stiff-tall bamboo near the unfinished garden shed. we sit in dining chairs aligned with the patio bricks. open-mouth-smiles perfume the air with beer and burgundy. squirrels rush the branches— applaud too soon. A vine past its bloom crawls on aContinue reading “Poem: The Reading”

Poem: Many Old Men Surround Me

  Many Old Men Surround Me   They follow me at poetry groups show up at open mics Behind me on the sidewalk they hobble quick to catch up   Old men sit in the booth one over, listen to me talk politely nod “Good bye” when I leave the restaurant   Gray haired driversContinue reading “Poem: Many Old Men Surround Me”

Little Words

This morning I am thinking about a friend I use to know, when I lived in a different town.  I’ll call her “N”.  N has brain damage caused by an accident and a stroke.  I do not know how or when she got it; I never asked.  N has a speech tick, which means sheContinue reading “Little Words”

Time for Ham

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  2013 marks the fifth anniversary of my blog “Madrona Grove”.  In a moment of reflection I found much to be thankful for, and did not need to look far to find faces of many good friends who have blessed my personal timeline.  Life is a journey, always better withContinue reading “Time for Ham”

Ladybugs Day Out

For the past two months or so I have been doing what I can to support a friend whose husband is very ill.  I’m not too good in these situations, but I am pretty skilled at just sitting there and providing company.  Went to visit them both at the hospital the other week.  It wasContinue reading “Ladybugs Day Out”

Poetry: Table Lamp

Table LampLamp with beadsaround the edge,decorations designed to reflect light,accent the bulbs efforts.heavy brass basekeeps the stand from falling.  fabric leaks out just enoughrays to comfort the room.warm glow bounces off your cheek as we talk.  steam from a tea cup mists thevision.     This is a gentle memory