Poem: A Nod to Frost

  A Nod to Frost by Shannon P. Laws   The woods are lovely dark and deep There are hidden treasure chests to keep A stranger blocks my trail so narrow the shadow falls once pierced by sparrow Feeding on gnats in the twilight spaces I see my face on the faces Along the ways of search and find great friends there areContinue reading “Poem: A Nod to Frost”

Poetry: Apple Tree Orphan

“And when he was tired, he would sleep in her shade.  And the boy loved the tree… and the tree was happy.”  –The Giving Tree by Shel Shilverstein Apple Tree Orphan Among the green majestic towers Beneath the canopy looking for sun A young tree grows Discarded by its owner Thrown from the pot ConsideredContinue reading “Poetry: Apple Tree Orphan”

Poetry: Green

Oh to be the type of greenthat stays green through the frost,when the ground is white andbranches are heavy with Winter’s weight Brown red orange,the colors of fallmost greens do faderetracting in the cold air Freezing to the warm summers sunto be green in all seasons,fresh to the touch ever holding the color of LIFE!

Poetry: Droplet

Sitting with a warm cupsipping down the chamomilelooking up in awe at the droplets fall Abstract cutouts of dark treescreate the stage so I can view you descending from a silvery cloud What of that one drop?Where were you born?You came from the skyriding on a morning storm Where do you live?You go into theContinue reading “Poetry: Droplet”