Little Words

This morning I am thinking about a friend I use to know, when I lived in a different town.  I’ll call her “N”.  N has brain damage caused by an accident and a stroke.  I do not know how or when she got it; I never asked.  N has a speech tick, which means sheContinue reading “Little Words”

Poem: Tempest

Miranda, the Tempest, 1916by John William Waterhouse This morning the sky changed. Wind from a different direction cast surprise upon and stirred up curiosity Trees above sway to the song of Fall, make for a lovely dance to sing to Below, wind combs threw underbrush, grabs the recently fallen, blows them into whirlwinds Northern Gale, breatheContinue reading “Poem: Tempest”

Poetry: Leaf Tattoo

LEAF TATTOO Can you feel it In my city The changing air as wind folds in   fall’s cool weather. Orange leaves land on the sidewalks of Holly Street. No worms to dance them back to soil. Cement laden, laid upon  the roadside in random patterns leave a tattoo, imprint to the stone. Five pointed star,Continue reading “Poetry: Leaf Tattoo”

Poetry: Green

Green Oh, to be the type of green that stays green through the frost, when the ground is white and branches are heavy with Winter’s weight Brown, red, orange, the colors of fall most greens do fade retracting in the cold air Freezing, or the warm summers sun to be green in all seasons, freshContinue reading “Poetry: Green”