Poetry: Apple Tree Orphan

“And when he was tired, he would sleep in her shade. 
And the boy loved the tree… and the tree was happy.” 
The Giving Tree by Shel Shilverstein

Apple Tree Orphan
Among the green majestic towers
Beneath the canopy looking for sun
A young tree grows
Discarded by its owner
Thrown from the pot
Considered waste and unfruitful
The parents of the forest
shed and share
their bark bits
until the tiny tree’s roots grow
The rain brings nourishment
The animals’ fertilizer
The worms’ compost
Slowly the tree grows
Slowly the flower buds emerge
Slowly the fruit is exposed
Years pass
A hungry mind walks by
Thirsty for fruit
Ready for fruit
The tree once discarded
Has become nourishment for another
Thanks to the ways of the forest
Yet its forest family is confused
We take care of our own
Little tree, why must you
Give up your fruit to anyone?
The tree thinks on this
“I am a fruit tree standing among firs
Your fruit is pine cones, mine apples.
If you knew how tasty they are
You would not wonder why
The fruit lover desires apples not cones”
Little tree, you grow food
That you have no mouth for.
You will never bite into your own apple.
Why would you grow?
Why would you thirst for sun?
Why would you bring forth fruit,
Just to have another eat it?
“My food is in the soil.
My warmth is from the sun.
My joy comes from another’s satisfied smile
At my job well done.”

Yarn Bombing in Germany

Poetry: Tossed Salad

Mango with broccoli
Applesauce with tomatoes
My fruits are mixing with my veggies
Crunchy lying next to fleshy meat
Round and rectangular shapes
Bright colors and textures in concert
Perpendicular forms, Parallel situations
Juxtapose elements comingle
Two people walking side by side
Unaware how their vectors will change
With this innocent meeting
There’s an orange glow on the horizon
New day starting with mixed reviews
No matter all things finding proper position
Are hated by most –for a while
While others claim gastric problems
Keep them from partaking
The body needs both veg & sweet pulp
Why not eat a bowl full
Realign your backbone
And dive into it
…but keep your napkin handy