Poetry Club Talks…Seamus Heaney Part 3

Mike puts on the host hat in this third discussion on Seamus Heaney’s poetry, using the book “Seamus Heaney” by Helen Vendler as a guide.  The poem this time is “St. Kevin and the Blackbird”.  Heaney documents the folklore of a monk with intense control over body and mind that he held out his arm and opened his hand to be used as a tree branch for a nesting blackbird.

Poetry Club Talks…Understanding Poetry, Rita Dove Part 3

Have you ever read a poem and wondered “What does this mean?”  Do you need to understand a poem to appreciate it?  If it takes too much work to understand do you turn the page or enjoy the challenge?  If you’ve found yourself in these situations then join the club.  Poetry Club discusses how to and should we understand poetry.  The poem we use as an example is the “blushing” Rita Dove poem “Exit”.  

Poetry Club Talks…Rita Dove Part 2

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-qfgsq-10a92c0 Topic: Rita Dove Host: Shannon Poem: “American Smooth” and “Ludwig Von Beethoven’s Return To Vienna” Recorded: July 30, 2021 Rita Dove – Poems Discussed In part two of our discussion on American poet Rita Dove, Poetry Club relishes in her artistry, wonder word choices, and lament over the life portrayed of Beethoven.  We discuss the useContinue reading “Poetry Club Talks…Rita Dove Part 2”

Christmas Card 2016

CLICK to view the 2016 SPL Staff Christmas Card Christmas Card 2016 Entering the last week of the year I can’t help but get a little reflective.  This year was tough for me personally, and the unrest throughout our nation added more frustrations. I really wanted to start this letter with the sentence, “What a suck-ass yearContinue reading “Christmas Card 2016”

Poetry: River Ink

    River Ink Went to the river looking for a poem I found my familiar trail Winding woods that hug the bank Whatcom Creek in August Bushes high and Full of berries, Birds and spider’s webs. Grass sways underwater Moving in sync with the river This what peace looks like, Melted into movement TreeContinue reading “Poetry: River Ink”