South Beach

This poem “South Beach” was written back in 2010 and later published in my first poetry chapbook “Madrona Grove” in 2013. It is what some would call a “process poem” where the writer uses the art of poetry to process a real event in their life. Of all the poems in the book THIS isContinue reading “South Beach”

Collect Your Favorites

Own a track from the album “What’s Up Magazine” calls “…a standout…” recording, and “…passionate and sensual poetry that greatly display the fiery passion of being in love and the cold controlled demeanor of finding yourself in the off times   15 Tracks $1.00 each or the whole album $7.99  

Poem: Groaning with Graffiti

In the style of Denise Levertov, poet (1923-1997) Three years the poem of your body, of my eyes upon your body of my hands reading each muscle— Stroking, sweeping the scent in the rite of worship, going down from the beat of a neck vein, along broad shoulders, twisted hair trail, belly to cock. ForContinue reading “Poem: Groaning with Graffiti”