March Corridor

The March edition of Corridor is out and about. Please keep your eyes out for it around town. It’s a little 5×7 10-page zine, sitting there, wanting to wish you a good day. One more zine to go and the project will end. Poetry Month 2022 to Poetry Month 2023. “Moss” is a sample ofContinue reading “March Corridor”

Poem: Ink Stained Hands

Read me the paper Uncle Loud enough to hear in the kitchen Touch it for me, turn those pages Aunties and I are cooking the dinner hands must be kept clean. But in your place by the fire the beige recliner squeaks on the back-beat of your rocking, toes slide in and out of slippersContinue reading “Poem: Ink Stained Hands”

Poem: Wrong Seat

Chair with no backing broken spring in there, somewhere cushion a questionable color pattern select or historic stain must test if still wet Sit here if you like  it’s the last chair left and it is just not right Your frame will not fit the Seuss-wobbled structure yet you sit.  It is the last chair.Continue reading “Poem: Wrong Seat”

Poem: Maritime Park

shoes on the lineshang to markthe bargaining tablepoint of actionoffice closed for nowdue to weather      no hollow eyes to nod at     no dirty hands to wave back the fields hereafternoon homesfor the addictsempty snow just left and meltingrows of unfinished snowmen,wordlessly guard overnothing Photo by Ann Bilowz ~SPLaws *** National Poetry MonthContinue reading “Poem: Maritime Park”

Poem: Love’s Wine

Hummingbird heart pushes out toxins of red wine and cabbage Cockroach mind  scurries in search of crumbs  and dried yellow cheese Desperate parts of me want to love all you offer my stomach not use  to pure nectar rejects it Forgive those parts of me that lean against you as a tree planted too closeContinue reading “Poem: Love’s Wine”

Event: Poetry Reading

Join local poetsHeather Curtis, Shannon Lawsand Jennifer Bullisfor a poetry reading celebratingNational Poetry Month. April 5, 2014, 7:00 pm Village Books  1200 11th St Bellingham, Washington Come on down to celebrate National Poetry Month  and the release of Heather’s new poetry book, “Upon Waking”. “Upon Waking has been inspired by the exploration of landscapes: bothContinue reading “Event: Poetry Reading”