These Things Shall Pass

photo credit: BY MATT BAUME SEPTEMBER 25 2019 11:18 AM, gay twitter

Do you know what the best day to be at Disneyland was?  September 12, 2001. On the day after September 11th, while all planes over the skies of America were grounded, my neighbors loaded up their Subaru and drove like a bat out of hell to Disneyland.

They were a young Disney fanatical-couple with early elementary-aged kids. The 9-11 attacks came with indirect benefits for anyone who ever dreamed of having Disneyland to themselves.  While most of America sat in front of their TVs for hours and worried themselves raw, these opportunists were like “F*ck it, we’re going to ride roller coasters all week!” Now, most people can get from Seattle to Disneyland in 18 hours, with kids, that could work out to be a full day of driving, day and a half if stay at a hotel on your way down.  They seemed bubbly and downright giddy about the whole situation.  When they came back they told us there were no lines and about 500 people in the whole park all week. Perfect!

I’m thinking about this couple today.
SO much happiness

As the Democrats are getting ready to impeach Trump, I’ve been extra happy.  There’s a little skip in my step the past two weeks. It’s as if my hope in the governments’ ability to function has returned.  (Mind you, it’s been missing for many years)   Since that dark winter’s night in 2016 many groaned and groaned for years after.  

But why, at 2 in the morning on a Wednesday in 2019, eight years later, am I thinking about them?  I’m happy that it appears some justice will be served but there is an element of unknown.  It is a crisis.  Our country is in a crisis, however, we’ve been here before.  So…what were they REALLY thinking? I came up with this: they recognized that these things shall pass

Consider these ancient lines from Proverbs  11:10, “When the righteous thrive, the city rejoices, and when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy.” or 29:2, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.” (New King James). 

There was and is a groaning 

Whatever happens with Trump and to America over the next week, year, decades to come, its nothing we, and really all the citizens of the world, haven’t seen.  Proverbs is a testimony to this. For centuries the world has had righteous and wicked leaders. They come and go, but goddamit, how long will they keep the Dumbo ride?

photo credit: Disneyland, CA post card
photo credit: Disneyland, CA postcard

A Thick Ring Year

Written: Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Living on an island that is only 55 square miles is starting to work its magic into my mind and heart. If I was a tree this “ring” year would be a thick one, meaning that there was more than enough nourishment, sun, rain and love through out this year to keep me healthy. Not everyday was all sunshine & butterflies! But the storms in life can help keep us strong and alert; and there were many storms in 2008!

For me the material part of my life took the biggest hit ever this year! 2008 hurt my pocket book, my pantry, and closet. I wasn’t able to buy the items I wanted, and had to settle with JUST the items we needed. I felt poor and a little pouty but really- a bad year in America is still better than one in many other countries. If my suffering means I cant get a new couch, (needing one because mine has a busted spring), or a new set of towels (because the old ones are getting frayed), it’s still not as bad as needing say, food or shelter. So no maintenance purchases, just what is necessary. But real happiness shouldn’t come from material items, right?
Washington State winters are gray, cloudy, rainy, and windy. It sounds depressing. However, growing up here I’ve found a natural high every time I take a walk in the muck and come back to a warm home. Coming through the door is a refreshing reminder that not everything is cold and dark.

Just came back from town. It feels wonderful to walk about and say “hi” to the people I pass, “Thank you very much! Have a good day!” to the store keepers. Does it help that the Christmas lights are up all over and there’s that special good feeling in the air this time of the year? It does a little.

A couple of signs that I’m starting to become an islander is how many new sounds I recognize. While walking to the grocery store one day for example, I heard a truck coming up behind me on the road and a single dog “bark!” I knew right away whose dog that was and what truck would drive by me… and I was right. I almost didn’t take note of that moment, until I said to myself, “What’s next? Someone behind me will sneeze at the drug store and I’ll say “Bless you, Nancy.”?
Is familiarity needed to feel comfortable? I would argue yes it is. However I don’t think you need intimate understanding of the things around you before you’re comfortable, but perhaps just faith in the reactions, systems and relationships. If you are going on a journey this holiday season, you’ll know that some things never change no matter where you are in the world. That’s as comforting as a little rum in the eggnog!