Day 27: Not Normal

If it wasn’t for the news I could believe this was a normal day in April.   The sun is lower now, a quick glance at the clock and confirm 5:11 p.m. Most families will be off the trail, heading home for dinner.  It’s a good time for a walk around the lake.   Coming up andContinue reading “Day 27: Not Normal”

Vignette: Mimi’s Closet

  Mimi’s Closet by Shannon P. Laws   The door at the end of the long hall stands open The third bathroom is in there Sent to the room by my mother’s voice busy behind the door of the second common bathroom, the guest bathroom Go use Mimi’s I obey The faint gold light fromContinue reading “Vignette: Mimi’s Closet”

Poem: As an Old Man Who Sleeps Standing Up

His eyes close As if he prays Corners of his mouth Move as a young cat Dreams of suckling Does his faith send a Request to his god Or does he dream. A tear falls from the Outside corner Lands on his collar No—it’s sweat, A drop from his hair. Old man is like aContinue reading “Poem: As an Old Man Who Sleeps Standing Up”