Event: You Love Me, You Love Me Not

You’re invited… Save the Date! This event is an early 5:00 p.m. set designed for you and your sweetie to enjoy a special day together, a passionate spark to get things started.  Also, a great time for anyone who is a fan of love and wants to support the Alt Library and local artist.  (IContinue reading “Event: You Love Me, You Love Me Not”

Poem: Transmission

  Transmission by Shannon Laws   Deep transmissions travel into the springs thumbs at the bass wires as you whisper low Pluck those strings beneath us pulled tight I’ll listen with my skin as it vibrates across my back bounces around the bones of me Sing to me all night

Thailand Rug/Sea Feast 2017

You’re invited to… Sea Feast 2017 September 22-23rd in Bellingham, WA I’ve signed up to FisherPoet the heck out of Sea Feast again! Here is a shanty poem I’m working on for the event.   Thailand Rug by Shannon Laws Take off your dungaree jacket come and sit by the high fire warm yourself forContinue reading “Thailand Rug/Sea Feast 2017”

Poem: The Back of My Hand

  The Back of My Hand By Shannon P. Laws It was that time of the day when the light gave away the distance of each hill The twilight swarm of gnats and wishing cottonwood seeds bounce off the windshield in a rush to live and die The dark sun wanting to set took a restContinue reading “Poem: The Back of My Hand”

Poem: the many layers of my lover

the many layers of my lover by Shannon Laws coat vest shirt undershirt slacks skin heart and soul bones hold the universe rich dark pother pour out the eyes shine on my planets bring warmth to those hidden seeds grow a budding forest my river returns your pull drink from the ocean the home ofContinue reading “Poem: the many layers of my lover”

Poem: Tangled

Tangled Inside the foliage a new stalk grows and twists around the fold of each arm You touch me with your spring, embrace me with your summer We rub together, winding in the wood When you leave it is winter’s sun setting too early Bring back your spring to me. Let us lie again inContinue reading “Poem: Tangled”


Happy Valley- a poet walks among you!  She walks down the middle of your streets in search of a coffee house that opens at 7—preferably one that has blueberry scones… Last few weeks my inner dialogue seems to have a Wheeling Virginian cigar hanging out the corner of its mouth, almost as if I amContinue reading “Squawk!”

Poetry Book: Odd Little Things

This book was a lifesaver. Written over the years of late 2012-2014 the poetry that emerged from my finger tips started to take a new direction.  Nature and love topics will always be on my forethought, but objects like a pole, a cinnamon roll and a rain drop on a porch at night attacked myContinue reading “Poetry Book: Odd Little Things”

Elizabeth Vignali’s “Object Permanence”

By request, Elizabeth Vignali shares her poem “Object Permanence” the title piece of her debut poetry book set to release November 2014.  Below the post, please click the link to hear Vignali read one of her poems for a local community radio program I produce called “Poetic Moments”.  ~Shannon     Object PERMANENCE My hands don’t wash kiwiContinue reading “Elizabeth Vignali’s “Object Permanence””