Poem: Introduction to Discovery

  You touched me You touched me  the way I wanted you to The way I wished you would You read my mind, —And you touched me   Your fingers moved along the ridges of my galaxy in search of the ignition: old crate of dynamite hidden in the shed sweats with glycerin delicate to movement so my loveContinue reading “Poem: Introduction to Discovery”

Poem: Rondo

Did I love thee?  I only did desire To hold thy body unto mine, And smite it with strange fire Of kisses burning as a wine, And catch thy odorous hair, and twine It through my fingers amorously. Did I love thee? Did I love thee? I only did desire To drink the perfume ofContinue reading “Poem: Rondo”

Poem: Tongue in Ink

The best poems are not written in ink but by the tongue Spoken into the air never finding paper Touched by the mist of breath against your neck Said in the dark rooms where lovers meet Not at all recorded nor syllables numbered But art form just the same Once activated and released the wordsContinue reading “Poem: Tongue in Ink”

My Secret Crush

Double Dare, Part II This December I found myself on the dance floor of a New Years house party, covered in sweat, surrounded by others, who were proportionately sweaty, doing a combination dancing, and shouting out lyrics to classic songs. During the song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen, I bumped into a writerContinue reading “My Secret Crush”

Time for Ham

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  2013 marks the fifth anniversary of my blog “Madrona Grove”.  In a moment of reflection I found much to be thankful for, and did not need to look far to find faces of many good friends who have blessed my personal timeline.  Life is a journey, always better withContinue reading “Time for Ham”

Poetry: Table

Salt on the skin Sweat dried in the cool air We lay across the table cloth a checkered gray and white sky The meal: stars and atmosphere set on a plate glazed in a blue so dark  it doesn’t end Our neighbors no longer  Robin or worm but  nebula and moon Sagittarius contains several well-knownContinue reading “Poetry: Table”


As a writer I am often overtaken by my characters.  Trying to imagine what a new character is thinking, how they would walk, talk, what kind of clothes they wear and what they’ll do next is in the job description.  Yet sometimes I’ll have an encounter SO real that it seems more like entertaining aContinue reading “Forgiveness”