Day 14: It Gets Real

This is Monday.  Normally I turn on my cell at 7-7:30 am and within 60 seconds various tones notify me of new emails or texts.  Working a Saturday to Wednesday shift, Monday is when most of my contacts respond to various communications from the previous week.  EVERYONE is in the office on Monday.  Today, allContinue reading “Day 14: It Gets Real”

Collect Your Favorites

Own a track from the album “What’s Up Magazine” calls “…a standout…” recording, and “…passionate and sensual poetry that greatly display the fiery passion of being in love and the cold controlled demeanor of finding yourself in the off times   15 Tracks $1.00 each or the whole album $7.99  

Event: You Love Me, You Love Me Not

You’re invited… Save the Date! This event is an early 5:00 p.m. set designed for you and your sweetie to enjoy a special day together, a passionate spark to get things started.  Also, a great time for anyone who is a fan of love and wants to support the Alt Library and local artist.  (IContinue reading “Event: You Love Me, You Love Me Not”

Poem: Covered

  Covered by Shannon Laws   I am the grass. Let me work writes Sandburg   Grass fixes a battlefield with memory loss Pile up your second-hand mistakes bodies of unfinished work blood of sacrificed Saturday nights onto this field and wait— two years, ten Time heals but grass covers all.

Poem: Broken Branch

  Broken Branch by Shannon P. Laws   There is a moment in most lives when that old dog proves useless the rhododendron branch cannot hold the weight and we fall The first fall in many years When was the last time I fell A gopher hole in the grassy field A twisted root atContinue reading “Poem: Broken Branch”

Event Everett Poetry Night

Come one, come all! Such a joy to feature again at Zippy’s.  Great poetry-loving crowd.  Duane is a wonderful host.  Zippy’s offers yummy sandwiches.  It’s a win, win, win.  I’ll be reading for the first time from my new book, “Fallen” with FRESHLY PRINTED copies on hand to take home. I’m carpooling down to Everett.Continue reading “Event Everett Poetry Night”

Poem: The Back of My Hand

  The Back of My Hand By Shannon P. Laws It was that time of the day when the light gave away the distance of each hill The twilight swarm of gnats and wishing cottonwood seeds bounce off the windshield in a rush to live and die The dark sun wanting to set took a restContinue reading “Poem: The Back of My Hand”

Confession of a Recipient

Confession of a Recipient Last evening I received my second Mayor’s Arts Award. Allow a moment of confession, just to help the editor in me get back to sleep.  You see I woke up at 2 a.m. bothered.  I prepared a speech expecting a five-six minute read time.  Excited to share a bit of WHOContinue reading “Confession of a Recipient”