Poetry Club Talks…Margaret Atwood Part 3

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-v9aqy-fc959f Topic: Margaret Atwood’s “Dearly” Host: Betty Poems: “Dearly”, “Betrayal”, “Oh Children”, “Emptiness” Recorded: February 27, 2021 Atwood Four Poems Poetry Club discusses four more poems of the newly released collection “Dearly” in Part 3 of Poetry Club Talks…Margaret Atwood. We acknowledge the returning pattern to environmental questions that demand answers, the silence in betweenContinue reading “Poetry Club Talks…Margaret Atwood Part 3”

Poetry Club Talks…Margaret Atwood Part 2

Poetry Club Talks podcast discusses Margaret ATwood’s poems “Passport” and poems 1, 3, 7 of “Plasticene Suite”