Drafts and Thoughts

Below are two poem drafts to share today. I’d love some feedback if you’re up for it.
I was in Village Books the other day and saw my book “Fallen” on the shelf. It came out in 2017, four years ago. Hmmmmm… If I were to guess, I think I have one more poetry book in me, possibly by 2022.

Splash Down

As a humanist and space enthusiast, my emotions are split over today’s headlines. America has solved the problem of being reliant on Russia for the transportation of their space cargo, but they still haven’t figured out how to increase the odds of customers being able to walk out of a Walmart alive. On the afternoonContinue reading “Splash Down”

Poetry: Table

Salt on the skin Sweat dried in the cool air We lay across the table cloth a checkered gray and white sky The meal: stars and atmosphere set on a plate glazed in a blue so dark  it doesn’t end Our neighbors no longer  Robin or worm but  nebula and moon Sagittarius contains several well-knownContinue reading “Poetry: Table”