So I’m on vacation, day 4. I spent the first three days freaking out every 20-30 minutes thinking I had to be somewhere, call someone, or send an e-mail. Today, I think, I am finally chillin’. The beach is all over me and I’m not going to wash it off, because WebMD says “Enjoy it!” Negative Ions

Poem: Four Minus Three

      Four Minus Three By Shannon P. Laws   The sanctuary of four tulips in a heavy glass jar atop the round dining table bathe in afternoon sun Church is found in the smallest folded places Between petals Between panes A god does not determine who lives or dies It is the scienceContinue reading “Poem: Four Minus Three”

Poem: Rainer’s Shade

Rainer’s Shade Flare up like a flame and make big shadows I can move in —Rainer Maria Rilke Protected by your stare Sun’s rays will burn me If it spies me standing there Under covers of the bed I made Next to a pile of books to read Window’s light a threat Curtains now aContinue reading “Poem: Rainer’s Shade”

Poetry: Loose Hair

Sometimes you don’t Notice a stray hair On your clothes Until the light hits it Stray thoughts A lost memory Forgotten friend Your car keys Things we loose Blown off us Fingers rustle through Our hair, looking How can you put Back into the follicle Stray hair that  Left the scalp It must instead be mourned IfContinue reading “Poetry: Loose Hair”

PAD: Playing with Sunlight

Happy 11-11-11!! Writers Digest November “Poem A Day” challenge-  Day 11 Swimming in sunlight thick with sounds: voices, conversations opinions, attitudes Shadows stretch long point west toward me My soul strokes east propelling this fish forward What river have I fallen into? Ocean, to river, to stream following the scent of home Where is myContinue reading “PAD: Playing with Sunlight”

Poetry: Two Love Poems

Here are a two love poems I’m working on for a contest. Spicy hot! Saturdays SongSunny SaturdayBeams filter through The sheer curtained windowOnto the stage of us;A bed of messy covers Softly, gentlyyou sing and strumI lie next to you and listen watching your fingers move Our song of loveFills the roomOur hearts Our mindsMixContinue reading “Poetry: Two Love Poems”

Poetry: Lookout

Fields of flowersRolling green hillsSitting, wind at my backIn the distance ships sail Snow capped OlympicsNeedle tipped treesMoss covered rocksI spy a brown fox In the a field of brown grassZig Zagging in sync with a rabbit The other side deerEmerge from the forestOut in the open nowGathering together for diner The sun, the warmContinue reading “Poetry: Lookout”