bohemian So, a while back a friend said she could finally afford to buy that bohemian coat she wanted.  The use of the word “bohemian” spurred memories. I’ve considered myself a bohemian ever since my aunt gave me a turquoise & silver ring when I was seven.  My aunt lived the bohemian lifestyle and gettingContinue reading “bohemian”

Poem: One of Many People

One of Many People by Shannon P. Laws In 1976  I was a second grader My hair was long my skin was tan and someone gifted me a turquoise ring Looking back I don’t remember having many friends but I was happy and free and in love with my world I built a comic bookContinue reading “Poem: One of Many People”

Poem: Measured

  Measured by Shannon Laws   The one cup of measure mountained with flour mother pulls a butter knife from the silverware drawer taps it on the edge of the kitchen counter two times Pushing the jagged peak away onto the counter covered in wax paper she scrapes the knife’s flat back across the cupContinue reading “Poem: Measured”

Poem: Treasure Box

  Treasure Box by Shannon P. Laws   Single spine of a roof cuts the home in half Living space on the right three bedrooms on the left down a long straight hall The house is their ribcage holds golden promises diamond hard hope and two children I see the white door smudged gray aroundContinue reading “Poem: Treasure Box”

Pit Stop

  Pit Stop Early morning air whistles past the plant on the dresser, kicks at a scarf hanging on my bed post, then finds the place in my mind holding childhood trinkets.  I surprise myself, reacting in song.  I sing an old folk song handled and dusted by time, passed down generation to generation.  AnContinue reading “Pit Stop”

Maria’s Secret Crush

Double Dare December 2013 I found myself on the dance floor,live band taking up a third of the living room, at a New Years house party, covered in sweat, surrounded by others, who were proportionately sweaty, doing a combination dancing, and shouting out lyrics to classic songs.  Good times.   During the song “Crazy LittleContinue reading “Maria’s Secret Crush”

Poetry: Ghost in the Hall

When I was a child A Skeleton Ghost would walk The bedroom hall of our home Afraid of the dark I would sleep with the light on My door open just enough to keep out the trouble That lurks in the imagination of a ten year old, Usually, hiding under the bed or in closetsContinue reading “Poetry: Ghost in the Hall”

The Sand is Lava!

written: Sunday, November 23, 2008 Was at the beach today with my husband. Washington State beaches are littered with logs. The waves and storms throw the logs up onto shore in a kind of tiddelie-winks sort of mess. As we were jumping logs to get ’round from one beach to another I had a thought.Continue reading “The Sand is Lava!”