Day 23: Is It Warm In Here…?

Are Medusa’s leg hairs tiny snakes? Here is another poem draft.  It is the middle section of a longer poem.  I think it can stand by itself.  What do you think> After the Evening Shift The cat jingles behind us awakes an owl perched on a thick branch above prey prays quickly breaks pass theContinue reading “Day 23: Is It Warm In Here…?”

Poem: Susan’s Monsoon Afternoon

  Susan’s Monsoon Afternoon By Shannon P. Laws The window did not care that it was open Neither did the curtains concern themselves with being wet The wind was indifferent it blows where it wants But Susan’s hand cared as it slapped the window shut That hand connected to the arm the arm to theContinue reading “Poem: Susan’s Monsoon Afternoon”

Spider Home

This year a spider has made its home in the drivers side rear-view mirror outside my car.  It’s a tiny little guy whose legs are just barley visible dangling down from the top edge of the mirror, in a hermit crab fashion. I only noticed it’s web the first time in June, when the sun hit the silk’sContinue reading “Spider Home”

Poetry: Universal Love

The 2012 “Phrasings in Word + Dance” is on!  Bellingham Repertory Dance presented its sixth annual collaboration with Chuckanut Sandstone Writers Theater this weekend.  What a great three days of art and insight. Carla and the BRD company have outdone themselves, again.   This year I was selected, along with 5 other poets, to write a poemContinue reading “Poetry: Universal Love”

Poetry: Voices & Words

Long ride homeDark roadThe radio plays softyThe headlights illuminateA road we have traveled many timesBut never with each other Communication?No words, no voiceCommunication?A movementBetween two bodiesIn accord The veil of your spiritBlows across my cheekIt says a thousand words Your strength growsBesides me wrapping meLike a warm blanket The bond of loveThe ties of friendshipInvisibleContinue reading “Poetry: Voices & Words”