Thursday Share DayWriters LOVE words. Can the right words change the nation? Yes. The other day a friend sent this news article over to me, and I’m letting you all in on it. This is not the first time I’ve read about the Bellingham Police using their Crisis Negotiator Team to de-escalate a situation. InContinue reading “De-escalation”

Rant: Judged Conversation Overheard on the Bus in August

  Judged Conversation Overheard on the Bus in August by Shannon P. Laws   The sidewalk on Magnolia sticks to my shoes Maple Tree sap bleeds from the high branches It’s not enough to stop me I have a bus to catch It’s early morning-cold. Crisp air flies in from open slit of bus windowsContinue reading “Rant: Judged Conversation Overheard on the Bus in August”

Poem: Bus Girl

Bus Girl She looks in the glass again to check if the image has changed New headphones, new hair She’s still the same LOOK Eyeliner of lines drawn in the sand Streaks of blonde scream in her hair Lips moist with gloss, pink as a newborn LOOK, again Everything’s the same. She smiles.