Poetry Book: Odd Little Things

This book was a lifesaver. Written over the years of late 2012-2014 the poetry that emerged from my finger tips started to take a new direction.  Nature and love topics will always be on my forethought, but objects like a pole, a cinnamon roll and a rain drop on a porch at night attacked myContinue reading “Poetry Book: Odd Little Things”

Meet Writer Elizabeth Vignali

Meet Bellingham writer Elizabeth Vignali.  Her new poetry book Object Permanence, published by Finishing Line Press, is ready for it’s November release and quickly receiving high praise.  I first heard Elizabeth share her poetry at an open mic here in town about two years ago.  She approached the mic with an uncommon grace, and read her work asContinue reading “Meet Writer Elizabeth Vignali”

Christmas Card 2012

Thank you for visiting Madrona Grove. With over 16,500 visitors in two years, you have given me a wonderful present! In a few weeks I’ll launch the first poetry book from this blog: “Madrona Grove:  Poems Written Under the Canopy” My “staff” and I will make sure you’ll know how to purchase a copy for yourContinue reading “Christmas Card 2012”