Interview: Bellingham Alive

Here it is!  Better late than never.  Folks were asking for the link to the Bellingham Alive article (November 2017 issue) by KATE GALAMBOS.   Kate touched on my writing, radio and Poem Booth work.  Thank you Kate, and THANK YOU Bellingham Alive for placing me next to my crush Rick Steves! Bellingham has its artisticContinue reading “Interview: Bellingham Alive”

Writer’s Shout Out

Earlier this month Rena Priest, a poet, writer, producer and community activist, interviewed me for her new radio program “Writer’s Shout Out”. Her one-hour interview program takes a look at the life of a writer and the things that inspire them. This program aired on the non-profit, community station KZAX-LP FM 94.9 last week. It wasContinue reading “Writer’s Shout Out”

Meet Poet Dee Dee Chapman

The first time I heard Dee Dee share her poetry was in 2011 at the infamous Poetry Night Open Mic when it was located at the Amadeus Project on Cornwall.  She had the guts to walk up on stage and share a process poem about an intimate subject matter, then return to her chair likeContinue reading “Meet Poet Dee Dee Chapman”

Elizabeth Vignali’s “Object Permanence”

By request, Elizabeth Vignali shares her poem “Object Permanence” the title piece of her debut poetry book set to release November 2014.  Below the post, please click the link to hear Vignali read one of her poems for a local community radio program I produce called “Poetic Moments”.  ~Shannon     Object PERMANENCE My hands don’t wash kiwiContinue reading “Elizabeth Vignali’s “Object Permanence””