Corridor Celebrates!

We did it! Over 27 poets, 5 artists, +400 copies of the 10-paged zines printed and distributed over 13 months from Poetry Month 2022 to Poetry Month 2023! This month marks the final zine in this fun project. Over the next few weeks, I will share four of my favorite poems submitted to Corridor and submitted artwork as a remembrance of the year’s moments.

The first poem I’d like to share with you is by poet, Tyson. He sent this note to the group after the final zine was published:

The first time a poem of mine had been published was in the October issue of Corridor (vol. 7), and since then, my manuscript for a chapbook (titled Confessions of a Stutterer) has been accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press! It makes my heart happy knowing that a local publication like Corridor is where my poetry began taking shape, and that I was able to share the pages of Corridor with all of your inspiring poems.

Tyson Higel


A Great Dane, with pointed
flaccid ears,
placid in demeanor,
stares sanely at the ducks
and squirrels,
and at all the rest
of the animated world
it stands upon,

Without reason to react,
with no impetus
that provokes,
it just stands, slack,

I’m no great, but in the same,
I look up at the setting
with amazement;
at its unfettering beauty
in awe,
and feel no need to
do anything
but to stand and see it all.

440 3 1/4 x 4 K. McKeever
“The Waiter Told Her Not to Feed the Squirrels, She Chose Not to Take His Advice”
Printed in October 2022, Corridor vol. 7

A message to the contributors:
In February 2022 I became acutely aware that our town was transitioning.  We were slowly tip-toeing out of the COVID Pandemic and into a new, uncertain world.  An urge began to develop in me. I wanted to share art, freely. No cost. No drama. FREE. I wanted it to be found in independent, local businesses. I hoped that it would feel like a treasure found. I trust by the power of serendipity & love an image, a line, a word would inspire the treasure seekers.
Warm thanks to the Corridor Collective. So grateful to those that delivered the zine donating their time and gas.  Deep gratitude to those that donated ink & paper funds. Big thank you to the 27 poets, and 5 artists, that freely donated their art & words.  Teamwork makes the dream work! I could not have done this without all of you.
Thank you for dreaming with me.

Published by Shannon Laws

Like my writing? Want to hear me read my poetry? Please visit and download some today. Only $1.00 a poem! Shannon Laws is a Pacific Northwest poet. Her story-telling poetry has touched many hearts and minds. She is the author of four poetry books, the most recent “Fallen” published by Independent Writer’s Studio Press. Shannon has received two Mayor’s Arts Awards and the Community Champion Award for promoting local artists on community radio and encouraging peace and understanding through community poetry events. She makes her home in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

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