BUK 100 – Thank you

“BUK 100” celebrating my poems acceptance into a 100th birthday London edition of poems dedicated to the art and life of Charles Bukowski. Beautiful limited edition, high quality, small press collector books that you can still order–get your copy today! Contact Newington Blue Press, East London, today!

Collect Your Favorites

Own a track from the album “What’s Up Magazine” calls “…a standout…” recording, and “…passionate and sensual poetry that greatly display the fiery passion of being in love and the cold controlled demeanor of finding yourself in the off times   15 Tracks $1.00 each or the whole album $7.99  


Ep 7 – May 2019 -Shannon Laws sits down with me to share her latest venture, an album of her Poetry/music titled “You Love Me, You Love Me Not”. This collection is a satire and embellishment of very real relationships, explores the adult dating experience, it carries the listener through a muddy mess of emotions,Continue reading “KPNW-DB RADIO Interview”

Poetry: Christopher Titus Save Me!

The following is an embellished account based on a real experience. Inspired by the poem “the 12 hour night” by Charlies Bukowski from his book “what matters most is how well you walk through the fire.”   Christopher Titus Save Me! By Shannon Laws “…our bodies were worn, our spirits whipped. there was a senseContinue reading “Poetry: Christopher Titus Save Me!”