Seeing Red

As I zip around, up and down the I-5 corridor my heart skips a beat everytime I see RED. Mazda red to be exact. Swimming in a pool of monochrome and muted tones of blue, a sun beam spotlights this glowing red car radiating crimson root chakra energy down the freeway. You sexy thing you!Continue reading “Seeing Red”

Maggie the Ghost

Have you ever worked with a ghost? One summer, I worked on a Washington island as a housekeeper at a large inn that is playfully haunted by “Maggie”.  My encounters with the ghost were so gentle, she is an inspiration for my book scheduled to be released 2015. The Inn wasn’t very old.  You’d expect aContinue reading “Maggie the Ghost”

Poetry: Evening Walk

In an evening walk I’ll calculate my next move Coordinate my conversations Consider the risks Conceive inspiration An evening walk will Tidy my head Warm my heart Make my nose run Red scarf flies like a flag Of freedom and life Wrapped around me Coiled across my mouth That’s speaking only fog Under the streetContinue reading “Poetry: Evening Walk”